Oh hello.

It is so good to meet you.

I am a story-spinner for souls with star-soft eyes & dawn-filled lungs. I create art that reminds these souls what it is to sing back to the thunder.

I live in Singapore at the moment, where I attend high school & quietly make beautiful things. I collect words & stardust. Sometimes people mistake me for a ghost. There is a soft & persistent mumbling in my head, so I write it down.

Here are some of the kind things that readers have said about my work: “haunting”, “otherworldly”, “soft and pure and powerful and wonderful”, & “visceral, exquisite emotion twisted into words”.

Perhaps you may be interested in experiencing more of it. You can do that here, & receive behind-the-scenes magic on the art I am spinning here. If you are interested in interviewing me or writing about the work I do, this is the place.

I care a great deal about the act of creation. I cannot think straight when I’m not making, so I make & I make & I make. I make things like books. And magazines. And films. And other lovelies. Sometimes said lovelies win awards, which pleases & shocks & terrifies & delights me.

Welcome. This is my blog & it is your blog. It is another one of my creations.

It is entitled Six Impossible Things & it is a compendium of wisps & snippets of inspiration. Stories of life & love, courage & memory, waking up just before you hit the bottom. Poems. Essays. Stories. The kind of art that makes one’s soul feel whole in a way that defies words.

This is rather ironic, because my heart belongs first & foremost to words, in any & all of their forms. Tucked into the margins of books, graffitied on brick walls, scrawled on coffee-stained napkins, wrung out of sleepless nights: I have the tendency to hoard them & mould them into fairytales & nightmares & the greyness in between. They have brought me through many a fog. I hope that, perhaps, my words may bring you through the same.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, someone told me I should give up, & this is a large part of the reason why I never have. Sometimes I am soft as star-stuff & other times I am stubborn as stormclouds. I am learning how to wield both with care.

the quiet before dawn. the melodies after dusk. love & all it hides. impossibilities. the sea. cheesecake. crystals. lp records. letters, the sending & the receiving. a very large stack of books. purring cats. words & their meanings. feminism. being an introvert. poetry & the people who enjoy it. good tea. city streets. open skies. resilience. heritage. memory. music, music, so much music. the beauty in what’s broken —

These are my first loves. They are the sorts of things that I hope to share with you.

Hello, dear visitor.

My name is Topaz Winters. I am a girl with raven hair & a sestina soul.

I believe in softness as a revolution. I believe in art as a method of survival. I believe that in this dark world we live in, we must be lighthouses for each other. I hope that my art can be a lighthouse for you.

Please imagine me taking your hand (though, a fair warning – mine are rather cold) & looking you in the eye & saying these words to you:

Thank you for being here. I think the universe is a more radiant place for that.

poems, essays, horoscopes, & love letters for star-soft souls.)