Friday Poetry: “First Love”

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Hello, lovelies!

Wrote today’s poem a few days ago and I’m quite proud of it – as the title of this post suggests, the poem is called “First Love”. :) Just a little warning – it might seem pretty cliche at first, but just stick with it through the end, okay? I promise it gets better. ;)

Not going to give much more background for fear of giving things away, so here it is! :D Enjoy! <3


First Love

some loves are easy to leave behind
to discard like autumn leaves in the wind.
some loves are forgotten quickly
blown away like the seeds in the dandelion –
but not him.
he was tall, dark, handsome, and perfect.
he was the first
to twirl her around
and whisper sweet nothings into her innocent ear
he was the first
to leave gifts on her bedside table
and kiss her cheek when he thought she was asleep.
and so, when the others broke her heart
she cried for a single moment and moved on
but when her father, her first love, broke her heart
he broke her soul.


50-Word Story: “Fear”

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Hi lovelies!

I had a nice lazy day today – went to the book shop, spent the last of my birthday money on three of the books I’ve been meaning to get my hands on, and then wound up spending the rest of the day at the library. I finished a song I’ve been working on for awhile and decided to name the song I posted a few days ago “Battle Scars”. Thank you Belle for suggesting the title! :)

You might remember a post I wrote a few months ago – a 50-word story entitled “Okay”? Well, that one turned out pretty well so I decided to try my hand at another one. This one’s called “Fear”, and honestly I don’t love it as much as I did “Okay”. But I’d love to hear what you think – which story you like better and any feedback on either one! :)



In dreams, she saw his face once more. In sunlight she could almost forget the ache he had left behind, but at night, she did not try to escape him.

It was fear that haunted her the most – the fear of not knowing whether morning was a blessing or a curse. 


Top Ten: Pet Peeves (Reader Edition)

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Hey all!

As you might have gathered by now, I’m a pretty avid reader. Besides writing, I love to read pretty much anything and everything I can get my hands on – in fact, reading is actually what got me started on writing in the first place. So for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday I thought I’d share with you some of my most annoying pet peeves when it comes to reading. I know a lot of you are readers as well and some of you even run book blogs, so be sure to tell me some of your pet peeves in the comments and we can lament together ;)


Top Ten: Pet Peeves (Reader Edition)

1. Interrupters
We’ve all seen them – with their sharp, squinty eyes; long, manicured nails; pointed noses, the better to poke their noses into our business. When there are no more seats left in the coffee shop, we invite them over to sit at our table, thinking we are being good Samaritans – that is, until they start to make conversation, ignoring our strained smiles and pointed glances at the books we were so peacefully reading before they came along and ruined it. Interrupters are probably my least favorite type of person to encounter – and they seem to have a knack for bursting in right when I get to a good part.

2. Mornings
I’ll admit it – I’m a night owl. I tend to stay up until ungodly hours, poking a flashlight under the blankets in order to finish whatever book has captivated my attention at that point. And during the night, it seems my energy is boundless… that is, until I finally fall asleep and the alarm clock rings minutes later. I’m all for early to bed and early to rise, but sometimes I honestly wish mornings would just wait a little longer to rule their ugly heads up from the horizon.

3. Those little ding-ding sounds on e-readers
My e-reader of choice is my Samsung Galaxy Tab, which happens to also be a full-on tablet equipped with all sorts of fancy knick-knacks – including notifications. When I’m reading an ebook, the last thing I want to hear is that little ding-ding sound signaling a new email, or tweet, or Skype update, or Kik message. I fully realize that I should be in touch with the world and all that, but right in the middle of the book, it’s all I can do not to throw my Galaxy across the room whenever the annoyingly cheerful ding-ding plays.

4. Book Hangovers
Book hangovers generally happen only when I read a mindblowingly amazing, unforgettable, will-follow-me-around-for-the-rest-of-my-life kind of book. Which, admittedly, is not very often – but when book hangovers strike, they strike hard. The definition of a book hangover is a period of time after you have finished a book, usually ranging from a day to a week, when the only thing that you can think of is that particular book. Anyone who tries to interact with you is swiftly snapped at. Your entire brain capacity is focused on fully immersing yourself in the experience that is the book. The reason I list this as a pet peeve is it can be annoying for your parents, friends, teachers, bosses, siblings, co-workers, and other people who you talk to on a daily basis. Also, you will probably never look at the world the same way again and will approach every new book with caution lest it induce another book hangover. ;)

5. Walking into things
*looks around* What? Am I the only one who does this? :P Seriously, I do have the tendency to read while walking, and I actually have walked into two streetlights and friend’s cat (don’t even ask about that one). However, my hand-eye coordination has become pretty good over the years so hopefully this particular pet peeve will not crop up again anytime soon. It can be a tad embarrassing if there are people around who do not understand the compelling power of a really amazing book.

6. Overdue fines
I’m pretty sure this is where 99.9% of my allowance goes: towards overdue fines. It’s quite annoying, actually, because I go to my local library almost every day, but for some unfathomable reason I keep forgetting which books are meant to be returned on which days and concurrently, I get overdue fines. Why can’t the library people understand that I need to keep books for a little (okay, maybe a lot) longer sometimes (okay, maybe all the time)?!

7. Waiting
This is mostly for series books. It is probably the worst feeling in the world to read the first book in an awesome series, to frantically sprint to the library searching for the next book, and to be informed that the next one will be coming out in 9 months and the only way to get your hands on it is to pre-order it. I’ve lost count of the number of series I’m desperately awaiting the next book of. Sometimes I just wish authors would write the whole series in one go and release it so that we readers could be spared the anxiety!

8. Careless Borrowers
My books are my babies. I rarely lend out my books, and when I do it is with a whole checklist: don’t eat and read! Don’t drink and read! Don’t read in the rain! Don’t bend the pages! Don’t bend the spine! Careless borrowers – those people who treat my books like trash instead of treasure – really, really piss me off. If I lend you one of my books, I expect that you return it exactly the way I have kept it – that is, in tip-top condition. I have yet to meet a person who meets my standards when it comes to book borrowing! ;)

9. Spoilers
I think every single lover of stories, be it movies or TV shows or books, can relate to this one. Spoilers are the bane of my existence. Whenever friends are talking about a particular book that I haven’t read at the lunch table, I will literally get up and relocate to a different table simply to avoid hearing spoilers. I simply cannot fathom how I can read something knowing exactly how it ends – or even a major event in the middle of the story. Books that might have been some of my favorites end up being so-so, just because I knew what would happen and the surprise was gone. Spoilers are probably the worst pet peeve on this list.

10. Movies
I confess – I am guilty of being one of the avid fans who go into movie theatres, a copy of her favorite well-worn book-that-has-now-been-made-into-a-movie in hand, and proceed to point out every single tiny detail that is different from the book (“why is her dress RED in that scene?! It’s supposed to be PURPLE!”). Books have always been, and will probably always be, first and foremost in my mind compared to their movie companions. I love shaping the characters in my mind, turning them into the people I want them to be – and actors and actresses trying to fit into that image simply destroys it, not enhances it.


Friday Poetry: “Beyond An Angel’s Reach”

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Hey, guys.

Going to keep today’s blog post short because I’m not really having a very good day and I just kind of want to go to sleep. I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday – I’m trying to get back into the routine, but it kept slipping my mind. I think I’m going to have to forgo posting on weekends, just so I can get everything done and then post consistently on weekdays. Hope that’s okay with y’all – I think it’ll work better for everybody.

Today’s poem is called “Beyond an Angel’s Reach”. I wrote it today, and like I said it wasn’t the best of days so I’m sorry if the poem is incredibly depressing and/or makes no sense. I’ll probably go back tomorrow and edit it.


Beyond an Angel’s Reach

the stars shimmer in the web of gossamer
spun by heaven’s light
as an angel wakes from her innocent slumber
and stares down at the sleeping night
and the angel topples from her moonlit cradle
falling fast and free ’til she is caught by the ground
where her eyes widen and her hand stretches up
but no answers from sky can be found
and none will glimpse the angel’s tears
none will hear her heartfelt pleas
as heaven’s light shines from the shimmering stars
just beyond an angel’s reach