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Selected Publications

  • Poem “This is Still a Manifesto” in Winter Tangerine Review’s WE MAKE AMERICA GREAT Feature (2017 / forthcoming)
  • Short story “Flight” in Lontar: The Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction (2017 / forthcoming)
  • Essay “Marginalia” in Cry Baby, Cry Baby (2017 / forthcoming)
  • Poem “Trigger” in Glass: A Journal of Poetry  nominated by the Glass editors for the Pushcart Prize for this piece (2017)
  • Poem “For H” in Reservoir Literary (2017)
  • Poem “Mealtime” in Cosmonauts Avenue (2017)
  • Poem “I Start Crying During the Best Part of the Film” in Rust+Moth (2017)
  • Poems “Love in Goddess-Speak” & “Cherry Blossoms” in Cicada Magazine (2017)
  • Poems “Quell”, “Lovesong to the Coming Storm”, “The Sun’s First Gift to Her Lover” in Eunoia Review (2017)
  • Poem “Witch In Red” in Heather (2016)
  • Poem “Infernal / Inferno” in TRACK // FOUR (2016)
  • Essay “Something Real” in Rachel Poli (2016)
  • Poem “Sacrifice Speaks” in The Mira Project (2016)
  • Poem “Cherry Blossoms” in The Rising Phoenix Review (2016)
  • Poem “The Wolf Pack Welcomes November” in Hypertrophic Literary – nominated by the Hypertrophic editors for the Pushcart Prize for this piece (2016)
  • Essay “Creating an Anxiety Box” in Of Wonderland (2016)
  • Poem “Cherry Blossoms” in Wildness (2016)
  • Poem “Of Broken Glass & Fallen Lovers” in Silvae Magazine (2015)
  • Short story “How to Talk to Imaginary Things” in Phosphene Literary Journal (2015)
  • Poem “Midnight Letters” in -Ology Journal (2015)
  • Poem “Ocean Song” in Thistle (2015)
  • Essay “Four O’Clock on a September Afternoon” in Oh, the Books! (2015)
  • Poem “Midnight Letters” in Glass Kite Anthology (2015)
  • Essay “Setting Aside Writing Time” in Briana Morgan Books (2015)
  • Poem “Sticks and Stones” in Survivors Blog Here (2015)
  • Poem “Cages” in Germ Magazine (2014)
  • Essay “Book Bloggers & Writing Success: Exploiting the Connection” in Authors Publish Newsletter (2014)
  • Essay “Books, Bikers, and a Bloodstained Toyota Camry” in My Little Book Blog (2014)
  • Short story “Oblivion” in Neon Ink (2014)
  • Poem “Thoughts on Forever” in Inkblots & Typing Spots (2014)
  • Poems “Hoodie”, “First Love”, “Gravity’s Kiss” in She’s In Prison (2013)


Speaking & Performances