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Current Employment


Books & Films

  • poems for the sound of the sky before thunder, a poetry chapbook published by Math Paper Press (November 2017 / forthcoming)
  • SUPERNOVA, a short film directed by Ishan Modi – official selection for the Newark International Youth Film Festival & Laurie Nelson Film Festival, shortlisted for the My Rode Reel Film Festival & Across Asia Youth Film Festival, recipient of the Overall Best Actress award at the Singapore International Student Film Festival (2017)
  • Monsoon Dream, an essay chapbook published by Platypus Press – “I find it remarkable how much Winters appears to have matured in this chapbook with prose that is utterly powerful in how quietly, calmly it bleeds into my mind, only to paint whole stories of monsoon skies across it…” (2016)
  • Heaven or This, a poetry chapbook – “To call Heaven Or This merely a book of love poems is to do a great disservice to its sharp, courageous, and unapologetic nature…” (2016)


Anthologies & Collaborative Novels


Selected Awards



  • “This is Still a Manifesto” published in Winter Tangerine Review’s WE MAKE AMERICA GREAT Feature (2017 / forthcoming)
  • “Trigger” published in Glass: A Journal of Poetry (2017 / forthcoming)
  • “Mealtime” published in Cosmonauts Avenue (2017 / forthcoming)
  • “For H” published in Reservoir Literary (2017 / forthcoming)
  • “Linger” published in Tenderness, Yea (2017 / forthcoming)
  • “I Start Crying During the Best Part of the Film” published in Rust+Moth (2017)
  • “Love in Goddess-Speak” & “Cherry Blossoms” published in Cicada Magazine (2017)
  • “Pandora”, “Lovesong to the Coming Storm”, & “The Sun’s First Gift to Her Lover” published in Eunoia Review (2017)
  • “Witch In Red” published in Heather (2016)
  • “Infernal / Inferno” published in TRACK // FOUR (2016)
  • “Sacrifice Speaks” published in The Mira Project (2016)
  • “Cherry Blossoms” published in The Rising Phoenix Review (2016)
  • “The Wolf Pack Welcomes November” published in Hypertrophic Literary – nominated by the Hypertrophic editors for the Pushcart Prize for this piece (2016)
  • “Cherry Blossoms” published in Wildness (2016)
  • “Of Broken Glass & Fallen Lovers” published in Silvae Magazine (2015)
  • “How to Talk to Imaginary Things” published in Phosphene Literary Journal (2015)
  • “Midnight Letters” published in -Ology Journal (2015)
  • “Ocean Song” published in Thistle (2015)
  • “Midnight Letters” published in Glass Kite Anthology (2015)
  • “Cages” published in Germ Magazine (2014)
  • “Oblivion” published in Neon Ink (2014)
  • “Thoughts on Forever” published in Inkblots & Typing Spots (2014)
  • “Hoodie”, “First Love”, “Gravity’s Kiss” published in She’s In Prison (2013)


Speaking & Performances


Guest Posts & Articles