A Second Fact of Great Importance is an imprint of Math Paper Press dedicated to multidisciplinary literature & art.

We believe in possibility -- in art that’s never static, art that’s fluid & alive, art that breathes, growls, moves. A Second Fact is a picture of song & truth, of throat & film, of losing & finding alike. Welcome to creation. Welcome to possibility. Welcome to art that lights up monsoon days & sticky-blurring nights. Art that pulls you apart & kisses you back together. Art that’s wild & dancing & furious & warm. Art that pulls you in & refuses to let go.

Curated by Topaz Winters & BooksActually, A Second Fact’s mission is to take the best of Math Paper Press titles & transform these books into non-print mediums (e.g. art exhibitions, short films, music performances, plays, installations, & experimental work). We act as a centre of creative collaboration between authors & multidisciplinary artists, showcasing these creations in public spaces like libraries & sidewalks in order to get as many Singaporeans as possible engaged in & excited about the possibilities of local literature.