16-16: The End

It has been a wild, beautiful ride.

I'm finding it hard to believe that our 16-16 project has come to an end at last. Who would have thought that I could become such close friends with 15 strangers in the space of two weeks? And who would have thought that we would create something so magical?

Our book contains sad Elvis impersonators and a copious amount of pickles, detectives and radio shows, out-of-work actors and overbearing mothers. It is insane, and random, and cobbled together with 16 different writing styles. And it is perhaps one of the loveliest things I have ever had the pleasure of calling my own.

The editing was frantic and fast-paced, filled with everything from major structural rearrangements to minor line edits. I must admit that I did not get much sleep over the three days—and if I hear the words "pickle" and "Elvis" in the same sentence one more time, I may go insane—but now that it's all over, I'm finding myself almost mourning the loss of this book.

Not that I've lost it completely, of course. After all, now it is time for the Tny Press team to take over, to work their magic as a publishing house will do, and then in January I will hold it in my hands once more and so will all of you, for the first time. It is not perfect—far from it, in fact—but its imperfections give it character, I think. It is the product of 16 days of laughter, of frustration, of arguments, of delight, of newfound friendship. I wouldn't dream of changing it.

So now that these 16 beautiful days are over, I will be turning my attention to other writerly endeavours. There is more work to be done elsewhere, as always—but this project is one that has profoundly changed my writing, and I am so very grateful to have taken part. And more excited than ever for you to read it.

I will be sending out a letter to my email lovelies in the next couple of days with a more in-depth exploration of how it went—and all of the victories and pitfalls, and what I learned—but for now, the next you will hear from me about this project is in January.

I'm sorry to leave it behind. But also: excited for what the future holds. After NaNoWriMo in November and now this taking up the first half of December, I feel as if all of the prose has been squeezed out of me. We still have three more weeks of winter break, and I am planning on immersing myself in poetry. And sharing it with all of you. Of course.

There is more to come in the days ahead, but for now, I will leave you with this: don't forget about the 16-16 project. You won't want to miss it in January.

All my love. xx