"I never knew of heaven until his holy mouth." (a poem for you)

Just a little update on ALLVERSE THURSDAYS: there ended up being some technical issues with phones (goodness, international calling is always so difficult), so we had to abort the interview & reschedule. I am truly sorry about that, especially since there were so many of you who tuned in—I promise you will be able to hear me on the next show once we get the technical difficulties ironed out! Consider this a teaser for what is to come. Updates on the blog, as always.

In better news: I am here with a poem! A small warning: this one is NSFW, so beware if you are uncomfortable with such things.

Enjoy this, darlings. I can't wait to hear your thoughts.


Amen / Amend

His body was on my body and it was only the lips, the
longing. I wanted to be touched in the way God touches

the sinner’s cry in dark-time. In the way I gasped out
a starving hymn under his hands. Hungry for the ache.

For the early hours of redemption. And now:
him, moaning like a poem I so desperately wanted to be true.

Him and his touch, and the way he looked at me like
something he was only just realising the profanity of.

I never knew of heaven until his holy mouth.
How he swallowed my name like a prayer. Like a church

abandoned until his fingers lit the funeral pyre.
I found the language of want in the space between his legs.

It sounded something like divinity.
It sounded something like the noise angels make

when they witness an undoing.
When they finally realise what is worth falling for.