Tomorrow: An Interview with Marc Christmas

A quick update to share with you lovelies: As you may remember from my earlier passing mention, I am joining the kind & wonderful Marc Christmas on his radio show, ALLVERSE THURSDAYS, tomorrow. The theme for this episode is "are you pretending?", and we will be exploring it in discussions with each other, in my own poetry, in conversations with listeners, in the poetry that you share with us, and more, and more, and more. We call it "verse & converse" - and that is, on the truest level, what it will be.

I am spectacularly excited.

For those friends who are in Singapore, please do tune in live at 10am tomorrow! And for international friends: 9pm EST on March 3rd. Here is all of the information on the show, and here is the livestreaming link for you to call in & share your stories & chat with us - or, if you would prefer, simply listen in the background & soak in poetic wonder.

Also: I will be emailing my newsletter lovelies about an hour before the show starts to give you a gentle reminder, so if you are interested in being notified, that is a good link to click!

It will be a soft & beautiful discussion filled with all sorts of light. Please do join us. We would so love to hear your gorgeous voices.