2015: Looking Forward

Hi lovelies!

Okay, can I just put this out there: staying up until midnight for the New Year really loses its shine if you stay up way past midnight on most days anyway. :P But oh well, I might as well do it for the novelty, I suppose! (Also, in case you're wondering: no, I am not going to go to a party or get smashing drunk or whatever normal people do on New Year. I will be at home re-watching the BBC Sherlock New Year episode and bemoaning my lack of a social life. ;))

Yesterday I talked about everything that happened in 2014, so today I thought it would be appropriate to share some of my goals for 2015! I hesitate to use the word "resolutions" because come on, everybody knows New Year's Resolutions never last, and hopefully these will stick - so we'll go with "goals", just to ward off any bad vibes. ;)

Here are my goals for 2015:

Publish Frozen Hearts.

Um. Duh. Obviously, you guys know this is something I've been working towards for almost two years now, and I JUST REALLY REALLY WANT TO GET THIS BOOK PUBLISHED ALREADY. I do have hope that 2015 is going to be the year it happens, though - and then I can move on and finally stop working on it 24/7, which will definitely be a relief, haha ;)

Share more songs with you.

I feel terrible because this is something I've really been neglecting - I've been so focused on getting FH out that I haven't been sharing nearly as much music as I should be. I'm crossing my fingers that once FH is published I'll be able to transition into focusing more on the musical side, and that'll open up a bit of a segway to share more lyrics and full songs with you guys, which I'm looking forward to!

Stay productive online.

What exactly does this mean, you ask? Well, the number one thing is that I really want to comment on more blogs. It's something that I've started to neglect - I used to be quite conscientious about visiting as many blogs as possible, but when high school rolled around I started to fall behind on that. The other thing is that I really, really need to stay on top of emails. I tend to let them pile up until there's like 200 in my inbox, and then I avoid them because it's so overwhelming to check all of them, and just... ugh. It's a vicious cycle. :P So yes, making sure I keep up with both of those things will really help my internet productivity levels!

Keep growing.

The final thing will always be a goal for me - I never want to stop growing and learning in not only the writing and music fields, but in everything that I'm passionate about. That means making sure I stay informed around what's going on in the various industries, but also constantly honing my craft and learning from people who I look up to. This is probably the most important goal here - if I manage to achieve this, I do think 2015 will be quite a successful year. :D

And those are my goals for the New Year! What about you guys? I would love to hear some of your goals because we're too cool for resolutions around here - drop me a comment and let's chat!

*scuttles off to watch Sherlock*

love, Topaz