A French Story - Coming Soon!

Hi guys! Posted chapter 3 of Shadows in the Night yesterday; it can be found right here! :) It's quite relaxing to be writing from the POV of a character who already has a backstory and a personality and friends and interests and all those irksome little things that I generally have to flesh out beforehand, you know? ;) It's like the story's been pre-made for me already!

Also, I'm working on a historical fiction piece for my English class; it's set during the French Revolution, in France (naturally)! I've never actually written anything historical fiction before, and generally anything history-related makes me want to gag, but when it's combined with writing, the process is slightly more bearable. ;) Thought I'd share with you the details around all that today.

The story revolves around the two characters Henri Toussaint and Simone Morency. Henri is from England, and his biggest dream is to be a writer. Because of this goal combined with some pretty bad things that are happening at home, he decides to stow away on a ship to France - just barely making it alive. (Fun fact: Henri's real name isn't actually Henri. He changed it to 'blend in' with the French people; the reader never actually learns his previous name, although I may share it with you guys one day!)

Simone, on the other hand, has lived in France her whole life. She is a thief, and for those of you who aren't familiar with the French Revolution, those who were caught thieving were automatically guillotined. So Simone basically walks the knife's edge, teetering between life and death everyday simply by existing. And on top of all that, she has a secret: she's stolen something she really shouldn't have, something that could do her way more harm than good if she's discovered with it. (I'll give you a hint: think large, blue, supposedly cursed, extremely famous gemstone, featured in a film involving lots of water and romance. ;))

So there we go! :D Simone and Henri meet when Simone steals Henri's notebook - could be a big mistake on her part, but we'll soon see! I'll probably be posting this story once I'm finished with it, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

love, Topaz