A Merry Little Christmas: A Mix for Christmas Lights

Christmas time is here! It is truly the most beautiful, wonderful, joyful time of the year - and with my antidepressants kicking in, I'm so very delighted to be able to enjoy it to its fullest extent. What better way to celebrate than with music? So here I am, bearing a mix for Christmas! I must admit that I am one of those obnoxious people who breaks out the records in September, and so I have been looking forward to sharing this with you for quite awhile. Mostly new covers of old classics, although there are a few original songs sprinkled in there as well. These songs have been the soundtrack to my holiday season this year, and I hope you enjoy them as well. <3

As always, you can click on the cover of this mix to listen to it on 8tracks.

Album Cover

i. baby, it's cold outside | willie nelson & norah jones

ii. all i want for christmas is you | lady antebellum

iii. o come o come emmanuel | the civil wars

iv. silent night | taylor swift

v. white christmas | frank sinatra

vi. winter song | sara bareilles & ingrid michaelson

vii. snow | sleeping at last

viii.  have yourself a merry little christmas | ingrid michaelson

This is a mix for a softly light Christmas, one illuminated by laughter and love. These songs are for and of the old and the new, the endings and the beginnings, that in-between time where the world slows down and even the angels forget themselves and settle down with mugs of cocoa to watch the snow kiss the sky outside. Listen to these melodies with someone you love, when the air sighs with Christmas song and the softness settles deep, makes a home in your bones. Listen to these melodies when only music can make time fall asleep.