A Non-Update

Hey all, Today was not a productive day.

We have today and tomorrow off of school; I was hoping to record a song or two, but I didn't factor my throat into the equation. It's still incredibly sore and to be quite frank, I sound like a dying whale. So then I thought I could at least write a few chapters of Frozen Hearts... no such luck. The dreaded writer's block snuck up and pounced on me, and I spent three hours writing half a chapter (which I promptly scrapped because it looked like something the cat dragged in). And to top it all off, my poem from yesterday is still untitled because I have had zero ideas and the one title my friend suggested was rapidly lost in the quicksand that is my brain.

So basically, this post is to tell y'all that I spent the entire day watching Sherlock, eating ice cream, and re-reading my entire bookshelf.

Sorry for the  non-update, folks; I'm hoping tomorrow will be a bit more productive. Will keep you posted - and if you have any ideas for a title for yesterday's poem, please do let me know! :)

love, Topaz