... Aaand, We're Back!

Hey, everybody! First off - happy new year! :D Hope you had a great time and that 2014 is treating you well so far. :) I, for one, had a lovely time in Malaysia on New Year's Eve with my family, but it's great to be back home and blogging once more!

The last week of winter break is sadly upon me, and as you guys may remember, I decided to send Frozen Hearts to my beta readers once the break was over. Accordingly, this week is basically just going to be spent frantically making last-minute changes. :P The good news is, I did take my computer to Malaysia, so I was able to edit there as well (although I had no WiFi). So I'm taking a bit of a break on Falling Star at this point, so that I can focus on FH. :D Very, very excited to send it out into the world! (Well, you know. Not really the world, but... a little bit of the world. :P)

As you will know if you follow me on Wattpad, I started another story entitled Paper Wings. This is going to be a little side project that I'll be posting every couple of days just for fun. :) I may or may not work on it a bit more rigourously once Frozen Hearts is published; not entirely sure about that yet, but I'm just kind of taking it as it comes for now! I've posted the first chapter already, so if you'd like to check it out just click here. Synopsis of Paper Wings is below:

Tobias Wilde and Eleanor Philips. Living thousands of miles away from each other, neither knowing the other exists, there is nothing that could possibly bring them together. And yet, when a soggy letter appears on Tobias's doorstep, a freak twist of fate propels them into each other's paths.

They seem like polar opposites at first. But with each a carrier of untold secrets, unhealed scars, and undiscovered hopes and fears, there might be a way for Tobias and Eleanor to fix one another - through nothing more than the power of some ink scrawled on paper.

At once humourous, endearing, charming, and heartbreaking, Paper Wings will have you questioning what it truly means to love someone.

I've never actually written a full romance novel before - Frozen Hearts is my first, as you know, and that's a fantasy with only a little bit of romance. But I do write quite a bit of songs/poetry/short stories on the topic, so we'll see how this turns out! :D

love, Topaz