Adventures in Zombieland: Creating an Anxiety Box (a Guest Post)

"I have developed a new solution – an all-purpose tool, if you will – to perhaps help myself, and all of us, with defeating the monster of anxiety in whatever form it takes. I call it my Anxiety Box."

Today's Adventures in Zombieland instalment is slightly different - rather than on Six Impossible Things, I am in fact over at the blog Whimsicality speaking about anxiety and healing and my favourite coping mechanism of them all: my anxiety box.

I am so very delighted to join one my dear friend Inge on her blog. She is truly one of the most brave, kind, and supportive souls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting - and Whimsicality, too, is a beacon of hope and light on a too-often dark Internet. Please do go over and read my post, but once you are finished, perhaps stay a little while. Read the other posts. Make yourself comfortable. I am sure if you asked nicely, Inge would be happy to make you some tea. (Though I'm afraid the dragons might sneak in and steal it. They escape Six Impossible Things sometimes when I am not here to watch them. My bad.)

I do hope you lovelies enjoy the post - and please let me know what you think of it, here or on Whimsicality. I would love to know if you plan on creating an anxiety box of your own. And I will add - even if you do not personally suffer from anxiety, it is always good to have on hand in times of regular stress. More comfort can never go amiss, I think.

Once again, here is the link to the post. Enjoy, everyone! xx