Almost at 200!

Hi all! I worked on FH a little bit today - added in a new chapter that was pretty much purely dialogue between the two main characters (character development - one of my goals!). Right now the word count is around 47k, so that's awesome. I really don't think I'll have to worry about word count anymore, actually, considering the rate at which it's progressing. ;) The bad news is, I'm having way less time to edit than I had previously anticipated - I was hoping to edit around two chapters a day, but I'm generally only getting time for one. So that's a bit disappointing. :(

On A Rhapsody in Roses - I went back and read it through, made some very minor edits, and showed it to a couple of my fellow writer friends... and I made a decision. I'm going to keep it to the side for now until FH is completely finished, and once FH is done I'll go back and re-evaluate whether I still like it as much as I do now. If I still think it has promise I'll finish writing it! :) I might post the first part I wrote one of these days just to show you guys as well.

Anyways, as you may have noticed by the title... my site's almost at 200 followers!! Thank you so  much for getting me this close, lovelies! :D I think I'm ready to release the blurb and possibly the cover of Frozen Hearts pretty soon, so why don't we make this into an event? Here's the deal - when the website hits 200 followers, you guys can read the blurb. (And maybe look at the cover, but I'm not sure if I'm finished with that one yet so no promises.)

Spread the word, lovelies! Once we hit 200... the big unveiling takes place!

love, Topaz