An Important Decision: FH Beta Readers

Hi guys! Back from Jakarta! Exciting news: we won first place in our category. It was pretty fun to watch the other performances and check out the exhibits/documentaries/etc, but it's lovely to be back home and editing full-time as well! ;) So, this June will consist of not only New York - because I learned that the Scholastic Art and Writing competition has an awards ceremony that I'll be attending - but also Washington DC, for the nationals round of this contest. We'll be working pretty much nonstop to get our entry ready, but for now it's Spring Break so we're taking a bit of a vacation from it.

Over the weekend I did quite a bit of songwriting/guitar-playing/recording, which I haven't done in awhile, so it was very nice to get back into all that music stuff. I'll probably be sharing a song snippet with you guys this week (if not Paper Wings), so look out for that! :)

I also made a very very important decision regarding FH betas.

As you all know, I've been waiting for the beta readers to send back the edited manuscript for about three months now, and quite frankly, my patience is running slightly low. Only three of the six betas have come back to me with the manuscript changes - all of which were very thoughtful and have been implemented - but the other three people have been dragging their feet for a bit too long. Though I do value their input enormously, there's also the question of actually finishing FH on time and getting it published.

So, an important announcement: I've decided to give the beta readers a deadline. If, by Sunday, April 13th, they're not finished sending me their comments on the Frozen Hearts manuscript, I'm moving on. Though I do, of course, want the book to be as high-quality as possible, I can't spend so much time on just one component of the process if I'm ever hoping to get this done, yeah?

So that's the plan. Fingers crossed the betas follow through...

love, Topaz