An Incredibly Unproductive (Read: Amazing) Day

Ello everybody! So my exams are finally over, and I had no homework at all... after tomorrow, three whole weeks of bliss - that is winter break. :D And guess what I did today after I came home from school? That's right - went on Tumblr, read a bunch of fanfics, ate ice cream, doodled, watched Sherlock, re-read my entire stack of Reader's Digest magazines, went on Youtube and watched videos of singing (?) cats, tried to guess what was in the packages under the Christmas tree, and, you know, just generally wasted time.

And my god, it felt amazing.

I think I've really been needing a day to sort of relax and recharge my batteries. I've pretty much been scrambling to get everything done for the past couple weeks, so it was lovely to kick my feet up and while the hours away. Never fear - I did take an hour to edit a chapter of Frozen Hearts, so I don't have the weight of that guilt on my back! And for the first time in, well, forever, I'm actually going to bed at a decent hour. Applause, please! ;)

Unfortunately FH's word count still isn't working so I can't update you all on that, but I hope you're having a great day. If not, hang in there - Friday is coming to rescue you! :D

love, Topaz