Bad News...

Hey, guys. Unfortunately, there's some bad news for you guys today. I've known this for awhile now, but since it was never confirmed I wanted to wait to tell you guys... and well, now it's pretty much certain. You may have guessed it already, considering it's already the 21st of January, but here goes anyway...

The publication date for Frozen Hearts is being postponed.

As you all know, the tentative date I had announced was late January/early February. It practically is late January already and the comments from beta readers haven't even come back, so obviously this isn't going to work out the way I had hoped.

However, I'm trying to keep looking on the bright side and not get pulled down by this drawback. I firmly believe in quality over quantity when it comes to writing (and really, everything in life) - it's better to have a really amazing book published a little later than a mediocre one published earlier, yes? Although I am disappointed by this, one of the many freedoms in self-publishing is that there are no set deadlines to adhere to. Since FH is still with betas at this point, it's simply a matter of a few more months' work and I can release it to the rest of the world.

Sorry about this, everyone. I'm still working hard on Frozen Hearts, however, and rest assured - although it might not be as soon as I had originally expected, one day soon I will be holding that book in my hands!

love, Topaz