Big Things are Coming!

Hi lovelies!

It has been quite a busy week, and so I must profusely apologise for completely missing all of the scheduled posts. Exams have begun (and are continuing for the next two weeks *collective groans ensue from overworked high school students*), so I've been frantically preparing for those.

But! I have a much more exciting excuse for why I've been away - I've been preparing a brand-new design for Six Impossible Things!

(I have to add: you guys have no idea how difficult it's been to keep this from you. I mentioned it about 14 times in the first draft of posts, but I always ended up editing it out. I am insanely, ridiculously excited for you to finally see it.)

There is a new photoshoot coming. Some new categories. New fonts. A new colour scheme. Oh, how I love my colour schemes. ;)

(The dragons are staying, of course. I think this blog would possibly collapse without the dragons. They keep things running around here.)

But nevertheless - many, many new things are on the horizon!

I'm going to attempt to get everything up tonight, but please do forgive me if the blog is sporadically down - I am a notorious perfectionist, so I may be tweaking and fiddling around with things over the weekend. I can guarantee that it will all be finished by Monday, though, and then you lovelies will get the Official Tour. (And we know I'm getting Official when I start Capitalising Random Words, don't we?)

Look out for the changes during the next few days. Big things are coming!

*maniacal laughter fades away in the distance*

love, Topaz