Brand-New Categories (and What They Mean for the Blog)

Hey all!

As you guys know, I recently redesigned the blog (and, for the record, I like it a lot better now - it's just so much more intuitive and easier to get around, no?). But with the redesign came some content-related things that I thought I should address.

I started this blog with the intent to be truthful at all times - and for the most part, that's gone pretty well. You guys know when I'm having awesome, happy, over-the-moon days. You also know when I'm having terrible, stressful, never-want-to-get-out-of-bed-again days. I try not to keep anything from you, and I think I've mostly succeeded on that front.

But I've kept the blog for almost two years now (which: EEK IT'S BEEN SO LONG???), and with time comes change. So over the past couple of weeks I've been thinking about what I'm posting, and this is the decision I've come to: I'm really not satisfied with just talking about writing + music + life any more. I want to expand this blog and make it not just about those three things, but also about other topics that matter to me.

Obviously, Frozen Hearts is a huge part of my life. And once that's published, the first album is possibly going to be an even bigger part of it. And I love the fact that I can vent and talk about both of those things to you all. But there are other things I'm focused on as well, and I want to share them with you just as much as writing + music.

On Sunday, I spent the entire day going back through all 300+ posts I've made on this blog and reorganising them into brand-new categories. (Seriously, you guys, that took like five hours. BE. GRATEFUL. ;)) So I thought today I should probably share them with you, since they're a great indicator of the direction this blog is going to go in...

Life This one, previously called "Ramblings", is exactly what it sounds like - just thoughts on what's going on in my life at the current moment.

Blogging Anything to do with Six Impossible Things and blogging in general - follower milestones, blogging tips, and general announcements (like this one!).

Bookish Love This isn't a book blog, of course - that would be YA Asylum - but hey, sometimes I like sharing my thoughts on books + authors I'm loving. All things bookish go under here.

Business I rarely post about business things, but sometimes I get questions like yesterday's that are more on the business side of the creative industry and should be answered as such.

Design In case you haven't guessed this by now, I am a HUGE design snob. (It's so bad, oh my gosh. I have caught the design bug, and it doesn't look like I'll be cured anytime soon!) In this category I'll be sharing my thoughts on design, offering up advice, and showcasing gorgeous designs that I adore.

Feminism This is another new addition, because I am a bit of a stereotypical feminist killjoy. (Hey, you gotta embrace it, right? ;)) I've done a couple of posts on feminism + its connection to books over at YA Asylum, but I'll also be talking about it over here as well.

Inspiration An already-established category. I sometimes do more motivational posts, so they'll go under here in case you need an inspiration boost.

Music Anything to do with the first album as well as other musical endeavours that I'm embarking on - song snippets + covers, once I begin posting those again, will go here.

Musical Love Sort of like Bookish Love - this isn't about my own music, but about music from other artists that I'm loving. I might share music videos or playlists or just fangirl over the beauty of music!

Writing Frozen Hearts things, poetry, fanfiction, short stories, and general thoughts on writing.

Hopefully this breakdown will make it a bit easier to see the direction Six Impossible Things is headed! I'm actually really excited to begin sharing more things outside the writerly + musical circles with you guys, and I think this will make the blog even stronger. Change is a slightly scary - but definitely good thing. :D

Also, on another, completely unrelated note: Six Impossible Things is on BlogLovin. Go check it out: Follow my blog with Bloglovin! (Sorry, I had to copy/paste that exact code, text included, otherwise it wouldn't register in the Bloglovin system and I wouldn't be able to access the admin panel!)

Plus: CHRISTMAS IS TOMORRROWWWWW. Look out for a suitably festive playlist, and I will see you guys soon! ;)

love, Topaz