"Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Take me In": A Mix for a Sleepless City

I am writing this from Starbucks as a free woman. Which means: my exams are over! (Finally.) Which also means: in one short day I am hopping on a plane bound for New York City. (What.)

This is my second time visiting New York, as you lovelies might recall. The first was last summer, for the same reason: the awards ceremony in Carnegie Hall for the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, for which I received a silver medal in the poetry category.

I came home from that trip starry-eyed and dazzled by the city lights. And promptly resolved that it was imperative that I come back. Hence: this year, another award - a gold medal, also in the poetry category. (I am still sort of in awe of that, to be quite honest. It's not something I would have envisioned happening. But here we are.)

We haven't had a proper celebration on Six Impossible Things, I think, so here I am with cake and music to remedy that situation. The dragons are in party hats. I would pop a champagne bottle, but I am underage, so I don't think that would be the best decision.

Regardless! Here we are with a mix for all the wistful loveliness of New York City! As always, you can click on the cover to listen to it on 8tracks.

(You guys, I am so excited for this.)

Album Cover

i. hey there delilah | plain white t's

ii. i and love and you | the avett brothers

iii. riding to new york | passenger

iv. coney island | death cab for cutie

v.  new york morning | elbow

vi. new york | ed sheeran

vii. the city (acoustic) | the 1975

viii. empire state of mind (solo) | alicia keys

This is an ode to a sleepless city and all those who have found a home in its tangled roots. They say New York breathes in exhaust and out stardust, so this is a mix for the people who clog its alleyway arteries, graffiti the brick bones, lose themselves and find themselves in the bloodstream of a hurricane. No one ever really leaves New York, they say - and so these songs are the voice of a city calling all of its lonely wanderers back home.