"Castle of Night" featured on My Author Within!

Hello, lovelies! I'm not quite sure why, but I am ridiculously exhausted right now. It might be because I've been reading all day - not for leisure, but the various writerly and musical newsletters that have piled up in my inbox. I'd been procrastinating reading them since there were over 100 (due to the unfortunate fact of no wifi in the US), but today I forced myself to sit down and go through all of them - the accumulated two months of them. Oh well - although my mind is thoroughly worn out, at least I have a clean inbox now!

Something wonderful happened today, though, that I'm quite excited about - a piece I wrote entitled Castle of Night was posted on the blog My Author Within, run by the lovely Mariam! It's been wonderful working with her - she's been so kind and patient with me even when the piece was enormously delayed by that pesky travel thing. ;)

Check out the beginning of the piece right here:

There are stories whispered about the old mausoleum.

There are tales passed from ear to eager ear until they become smooth and warm from the many voices they have held in their grasp. There are legends whispered in the not-quite-darkness of a night teetering into the brink of groggy dawn. When sleep evades you, think of the mausoleum, they say. Think of the volatile beauty tethered to the yawning tees; of the exquisite darkness tucked just around the corner of the path where the last faded footprint dared to tread...

Be sure to read the full thing on My Author Within, and please do enjoy! I'll see you all tomorrow. xx

love, Topaz