D is for Dreams

Hey guys! Well, it's finally Friday! This week has been so long for me and I'm just really, really glad that I can finally take a deep breath and relaxxxx for two days. ;) I've been working on Frozen Hearts quite a bit; deadline for beta reader comments are looming ever closer, so I think I'm going to be happy to get that part of this process finished at last. :)

This week's Friday Poetry is something I wrote today (a couple of minutes ago, actually!), based on the one-word prompt: dreams. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted this to turn out to be, but now that I'm looking at it I believe it's about falling in love with someone who isn't exactly who you thought they were, and about finding the courage to fix a broken heart. It's quite a bit shorter than some of my more recent poems, but I hope you all enjoy it! The title is Gossamer & Glass.

love, Topaz

Gossamer & Glass

such an easy thing it is, to wrap one’s heart in wings woven from gossamer dreams so beautiful they might be mistaken for fragile glass truths to throw it to the shimmering stars and leave it in the hands of destiny

and such a difficult thing it is, to watch one’s heart come plummeting when the hands of destiny seem to be busy and the stars have no answer to desperate pleas such a difficult thing it is, to realise that gossamer wings will only carry a heart so far, and that when a glass truth shatters it is a very difficult thing indeed to fit all the pieces back together and find it in oneself to take a deep breath and throw it back to the stars once again.