Editing and More Editing

Hi guys! I'm proud: over the weekend I finished going through the comments of one of Frozen Hearts' beta readers (namely, my mother. Thanks for your help, Mom! :D). I hadn't done a full read through in awhile either, so I did that as well, and I think I can honestly say that I absolutely love the direction this book has taken. Although there are still flaws that I'm sure will be addressed with further edits, I'm really glad that I waited for publishing, because it's improved heaps even in the couple of months that I've been editing. :D

I think one of the main problems with FH, however, is the characters. I posted awhile ago that one of my goals was to work on character development. Unfortunately, that plan backfired slightly - although there is pretty good character development right now, it's mostly just with the two main characters! :P The side characters have been almost completely ignored, which kind of defeats the purpose, you know? So although the reader most certainly knows everything they need to know about Rose and Chase, I need to go back and add in more information about the lesser (but certainly no less important) characters.

So, all in all: good progress is being made, but there's work to do yet. Publishing is getting ever closer, everybody! :D

love, Topaz