Editing Woes

Hi guys. Confession time: I've been having a really hard time editing Frozen Hearts over the past couple of days. Since last week, I've kind of been struggling to find time - and, more importantly, motivation - to edit. It feels like every single time I sit down to beta readers' suggestions, I get really discouraged and either a) fall into the deadly ugh-I'm-a-horrible-writer-and-everything-I-write-completely-sucks trap, or b) fall into the even deadlier wow-why-did-I-even-choose-these-betas-they-have-no-idea-what-good-writing-is trap.

It's a ridiculously annoying line to walk, and I'm getting slightly tired of doing so. :/

So I'm going to make a change to my editing schedule and see if that helps at all. I think part of the problem might be that I'm slightly overloaded - what with Paper Wings, poetry, other works in progress, songs, and FH, it's getting hard to find time to sit down, do a really thorough and complete edit, and enjoy it. I've decided that instead of posting Paper Wings and song snippets weekly, as I normally do, they'll both be bi-weekly segments; I'll alternate writing Paper Wings chapters and writing songs, and hopefully that will free up my schedule a little bit and give me some breathing room for editing.

Thank you so much for your support, everybody! xx

love, Topaz