Hello friends. Today has been rough, but on a higher note, I won another blog award - will be posting about that soon - and am almost at 400 followers, so that's lovely. I thought I'd do another poem for today; this one is about a situation I'm currently in with a close friend. She and I have never been in a major fight before, but right now there are things going on between us that I'm not sure if we can fix. I don't know what will happen, and it's scaring me.

So, yes. It's a pretty personal one, and I wasn't actually going to share it with you guys, but I thought you might like it. The title is "Endless".



here I stand, lost in a world where the north star points only towards you.

we are balanced on the knife’s edge between breaking and broken teetering on a tightrope of cobwebbed secrets and throwing each other messages in bottles that some(how) always seem to get lost in translation

so when did a smile turn into such a (long) distance phone call? a deft game we pretend we are not playing for a victory that we (can)not hope to win without each other?

there was a time, once, when we had a link that transcended words and one glance from you could speak straight to my heart but (this) language that has flowed so effortlessly between us seems to have withered and died away

and so we push and (tug) and pretend that we do not need air to breathe and that the screams lying underneath the surface are not ones (of) desperate want for something that we have never before needed to name

even though both of us know that the apologies, silent and screaming mean nothing at all in a world where the (war) is waged with our greatest allies until the last person stands still fighting an endless battle within the cage of their own skin

and the people whisper stories of the wizards who found a magic in each other

that was never meant to (last)