Exciting News!

Before you get worked up over the title of this post, I have to burst your bubble—unfortunately, the news for today isn't the exciting news that I've been hinting at for the past couple of weeks (that'll be soon! Promise!). Instead, this one is something that I haven't mentioned at all since I wasn't actually sure whether it would work out, but I'm so happy it's happened at last.

So, here's the story. Three weeks ago I had a bit of free time, so I was going through my Submissions document to see if there were any magazines or competitions that I wanted to work on a piece for. Now, that doc is about four pages long (or at least, it was at the time—I've cleaned it up since then, thank goodness!), so when I stumbled upon a link to a literary and art magazine entitled The Teacup Trail, I didn't recall it at all. Nevertheless, I loved the title so I clicked on to the magazine, which turned out to be in the form of a Tumblr blog. What I found was, to say the least, unexpected—the magazine was whimsical yet elegant, and the pieces showcased were poignant and poetic.

Originally I was planning on submitting a flash fiction piece and moving on, but to be honest, the opportunity was too perfect to pass b— it just seemed to fit with my own tastes and writing style, and when I saw that they were open for new staff members I thought I'd email them and see if they had any positions I might want to fill.

Fast-forward to yesterday, and after corresponding with the lovely girls behind the magazine and sending over a few of my own writing and critique samples, The Teacup Trail has a brand-new staff member: yours truly!

I'm the newest writing editor, and I'm so insanely excited to begin reading and working with the other staff. It's such a wonderful magazine and I'd highly encourage all of you to take a look right here—and, if you're looking for lit/art magazines to submit to, you know where to go. I fell in love with it at first (okay, so maybe second) sight and I know you guys will enjoy it as well. My favourite piece is “To You Who Liked ‘Pretty’” by Rona Wang, so don't forget to check that one out if you do decide to drop by!

More updates on that in the coming days. xx