Far Below These Birds: A Mix for Cold Nights

Note: Oh, look, it's after midnight already. Er, this is slightly awkward, since it's not technically Christmas anymore, but... close enough, I guess?

Merry Christmas, lovelies!

IT'S TODAY IT'S TODAY IT'S TODAY. Confession: I have eaten an obscene amount of Christmas cookies since I woke up this morning. I think I might run away screaming if I ever see another rainbow sprinkle. (Seriously, my sister made the cookies and... well, let's just say she does not have the best restraint. I think I have sprinkles in my hair.)

I was debating between sharing a Christmas playlist with you guys today or just a general wintery kind of thing, but eventually I went with the latter, because Christmas is going to be over soon anyway but we still have a good month before winter leaves us! This mix is called Far Below These Birds - it's the first one I've shared with you guys, actually! - and you can listen to it on 8tracks by clicking the cover below.

(Also: be grateful that this entire playlist isn't just Iron & Wine, because Iron & Wine is basically the essence of everything winter. Just sayin'.)

Album Cover

i. promise (ben howard)

ii. naked as we came (iron & wine)

iii. boats & birds (gregory & the hawk)

iv. poison & wine (the civil wars)

v. skinny love (bon iver)

vi. paint (the paper kites)

vii. white winter hymnal (fleet foxes)

viii. ghosts that we knew (mumford & sons)

ix. turning page (sleeping at last)

These songs paint pictures of bittersweet longing, but they also streak pastel colours across the white canvas of snow. They're hopeful and peaceful all at the same time. Listen to them alone, looking out the window, because these songs are vessels for the fallen snowflakes outside. Save them for a December evening when melancholy is chilling your bones and you need music to will away the cold.

love, Topaz