Final Edits Start... Now!

Hi everybody!

Very very exciting news today: I think I'm finally done with the third edit of Frozen Hearts! :D In case you guys don't remember, that was implementing the final beta comments as well as doing checks for grammar, punctuation, and writing style. At this point, I could probably put a cover on it and call it done, which is SUCH an exciting prospect... but of course, me being me, I'm doing two last edits before FH is released into the world.

I've been making notes for possible character development, worldbuilding, and strengthening of major plot points all this time. So I'm spending today and tomorrow transcribing all of those from my notebook into the Scrivener file for FH, sorting through them, and choosing the ones that I'm actually going to put into the book. There are quite a few little things, but also a couple of really big things - as in, I'm adding in a minor character, which: EEK HOW AM I GOING TO DO THIS IN TIME?! - so that is... an ambitious project. :P

Anyway, I am very, very glad Thanksgiving break is upon us! First thing I'm tackling is the biggest one: the romance. I love some aspects of how it currently is, but other things need some changing. So wish me luck with that tonight! :D

The second edit will be the final final one (no, I really mean it this time!) - that's just a last overview of grammar and punctuation and all that fun stuff. For now, though, I'm sticking with the real storyline. Current word count is at just over 69k, and I'll keep you guys updated on how the next round of edits goes. x

love, Topaz