First Edit Almost Finished!

Ello everyone! Hope you all had an amazing Christmas, and to those of you who celebrate it, happy Boxing Day today! :D As a bit of a late Christmas present for all of you, some exciting Frozen Hearts news... the first edit is very nearly finished. I took a look at the document today and (gasp!) there are only two more chapters until the ending... which is a bit of a surprise, because I honestly could have sworn I was editing the first chapter only last week... :P

So what happens next? :D I'm actually happier than ever now that it's winter break, because I think I'll be able to finalise edits and send it off to beta readers by the end of the holiday (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) So I think that's what I'm going to aim for - finishing my editing by mid-January (which is when school starts back up once more). What do you guys think? Is that a reasonable goal, or shall I shorten it/lengthen it? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! xx

love, Topaz