Flashback: NHD and Scholastic Art & Writing

Hey guys!

Okay, wow, it's almost midnight and I have no idea where all that time went. I've been completely frazzled today. I'm not sure if you guys know, but I volunteer with National History Day every Wednesday - remember that thing that ate up most of my summer and took me to Washington DC? Yep, it's the very same. Although my partner and I never went to any meetings (we just worked on our project on our own time) there's a club after school, so I help out there.

But today it went on later than usual, since the kids are writing their process papers. I'm the resident literary person, so I was assigned to help them get down the words and shape them into something remotely readable (which, can I just say: helping a gaggle of squealing sixth graders write a 500-word history paper is not a fate I would wish on my worst enemy). The good news is most of them are actually not that bad, and besides, soon I get to unleash my inner editor and go crazy! *whips out red pen, cackles maniacally*

Also: tomorrow at lunch I'm coming down to the middle school again (will I ever be able to leave?!) to talk to some kids about the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards - that's the one that sent me to NYC this summer. I get to tell them about my experiences and show off my medal and everything, so that's pretty cool. :D

Right then, it's getting really, really late so I'm going to finish my math homework and get to bed. I'm hoping to write & post a flash fiction piece tomorrow based on this awesome prompt I found, so crossing my fingers that works out (and that I don't fall asleep in class! Friday, please come soon?). Night, everyone!

love, Topaz