Forward Motion (At Last!)

Hello friends! Today I wanted to chat about what's been going on lately on the mental health front... After all of the therapist visits last weekend, we finally narrowed it down to one team of a therapist and psychiatrist. I'm actually very happy with who we chose - they seem very competent, but still kind and empathetic with everything that's happening.

I also got the Official Diagnosis (which, by the way, totally requires capitalisation) from the psychiatrist. The medical terms for the two conditions I have are major depressive disorder, which we already knew, and generalised anxiety, which we were rather suspecting. So it's not really a huge surprise, I suppose... but still, it felt a little odd seeing it written up in my health record. Made this whole thing seem so much realer.

I'll be doing a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with the therapist, which is essentially the most tried-and-true form of therapy for depression and anxiety, so it should be interesting to see how that goes. Also, I have a medication I need to take in case of a panic attack - I must say, it's definitely a relief to have a safety net. Nothing has happened so far, but I'm keeping the pills with me. Better safe than sorry, no?

These past two weeks have been quite low, but on the whole we appear to be making much larger steps than before. I'm still going to be seeing my regular counsellor bi-weekly, but that'll be more to check in - the majority of the work is going to be done with the therapy and medication.

So we've emerged from the standstill at last! It's so wonderful to actually have some good news to share - and hopefully things will continue to look up over the next couple of weeks. But until then: look forward to Friday Poetry tomorrow, and I will see you soon! xx