Hi all. As the title suggests, I'm feeling more than a little frazzled at the moment. School's kind of weighing down on me, aside from the multitude of other things I have to do, and I'm just really tired - even though it's only Wednesday. I haven't written a song in two weeks (read: an age), Frozen Hearts is sitting untouched in the depths of my computer (I really should be editing, but I've read it so many times that I've practically memorised it), and I've barely had time to sit down and write two paragraphs of the next chapter of Paper Wings (even though I know exactly what's going to happen).

Basically, I have a billion things to do and not nearly enough time to do it all and I'm very very stressed out about it.

There's some stuff going on at home that I'm trying to deal with on top of everything else, so that's kind of wreaking havoc on my emotional state as well. So please forgive me, everyone, if my posts over the next week or so aren't up to their normal standard. I'm trying to get everything under control so I can resume normal writing and music work, but at this point I don't know when that's really going to happen. I just sort have to play it as it comes, I guess. Thanks for all your support. xx

love, Topaz