French Story is (Finally) Done!

Hey, lovelies! Good news: I've pretty much calmed down from yesterday. Sorry about that post... people can be so insensitive - and downright ignorant - sometimes, you know? It's completely infuriating. But whatever, I've moved on from it. I will take my time to make FH as good as it can be, no matter what other people say, thank you very much!

Bad news: I didn't have time to write a song today, though I was going to post a song snippet for you guys. :/ However, this does have a slight tinge of good news to it, because one of my lovely friends Karen, who writes insanely amazing short stories over at her blog In A Small Compass, included a song snippet of mine in her latest story! :D Check out the first couple of lines from the bridge of Ocean of Silence here, and be sure to comment and let Karen know how awesome her story is. ;)

Also! That French story that I told you guys about has finally been finished. (Seriously, it took me forever to complete it. :P) Currently the word count is slightly monstrous - almost 8k words - so I'll be cutting down on that over the next couple of days and hopefully sharing it with you guys next week. Originally I wasn't going to do any romance, but I sort of caved in and just had to add in some of it. Because I am me. And romance is what I do. ;)

love, Topaz