Friday Poetry: "3 AM and Up Again"

Hi all, I wrote a poem today. As usual. For Friday Poetry, as you guys know. But as you also know, generally I don't really base my poems off of real life, and this one is pretty personal. I'm not entirely sure I like the way it turned out, but it's most certainly one of the more... honest poems I've written, for lack of a better word. It's based on the experiences of one of my best friends, who a couple years ago was diagnosed with depression. This friend of mine is pretty much one of the strongest people I know, but sometimes things get really tough and it's hard to keep holding on.

So yes. That's it, really. It was sort of hard for me to write this, but I hope you all enjoy it. x

love, Topaz

3 AM and Up Again

3 AM and up again the whites of your eyes stark bone against the flesh of darkness while crimson bubbling blood races through you, keeping you tethered to solid ground as your mind wanders dream worlds of tangled spider webs and fogged-over, long-ago memories

and your heart – such a resilient thing such a faithful creature, to hold on to keep pumping even though your soul withered away long ago

3 AM and up again and how long will it take?

the stars in your eyes have winked out – because stars do that, you know, I didn’t think they could (especially not your stars, especially not the most beautiful ones that ever graced heaven and earth)

and so how long until your body gets the message too? how long until your heart realises that there’s no point in fighting for you anymore?

3 AM and up again tossing turning splitting burning blood flesh heart lungs still working working working still keeping faith in you even in the darkness of a barren, starless sky