Friday Poetry: "A Million Miles"

Hey lovelies - Short post today, since I'm really tired and I want to go to bed. :P SAT is tomorrow, so I can get that out of the way at last - I spent most of today hunched over studying, so my back really hurts, but I'm really looking forward to being able to actually relax! Wish me luck on that... :D I was going to use a poem I wrote yesterday, entitled Paradox, for this week's Friday Poetry, but I'll save that for another day. Instead, here's another poem called A Million Miles. Hope you guys enjoy, and thank you so much for stopping by for your weekly dose of poetry. ;) I'll see you on Monday - there's a new blog feature I'm really excited to introduce to you guys, so I'm looking forward to that!

love, Topaz

A Million Miles

why is the wind never cold enough for you? why must I lean so hard on the gas that the world whips by at a million miles an hour and no cop car is quick enough to catch us?

it seems to always be faster faster faster when all I want is to be able to smell the roses on the side of the road and see just exactly what country we are driving through; and yet you berate me when I do not smile enough tempt me with luxuries I have no interest in

can you not hear the words I’m not saying?

because it is so much easier to fake apathy with you to keep my eyes half shut and answer questions in slow plodding uniform monotones than to raise my voice to match yours and add one more fight to the growing roster of screaming symphonies that waft out the windows

you tell me I have no energy – well, perhaps I am all out of energy to deal with this eternal battle of who gets the steering wheel and I would happily hand it over to you, except I know that it will not be enough and it's so difficult to just keep pushing on

because it seems that there is no end to this million-mile-an-hour drive so I shut down and power off, and try to block out your voice telling me to go faster faster faster when all I want is for just one moment, to hit the brakes.