Friday Poetry: "Beyond An Angel's Reach"

Hey, guys. Going to keep today's blog post short because I'm not really having a very good day and I just kind of want to go to sleep. I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday - I'm trying to get back into the routine, but it kept slipping my mind. I think I'm going to have to forgo posting on weekends, just so I can get everything done and then post consistently on weekdays. Hope that's okay with y'all - I think it'll work better for everybody.

Today's poem is called "Beyond an Angel's Reach". I wrote it today, and like I said it wasn't the best of days so I'm sorry if the poem is incredibly depressing and/or makes no sense. I'll probably go back tomorrow and edit it.

love, Topaz

Beyond an Angel's Reach

the stars shimmer in the web of gossamer spun by heaven's light as an angel wakes from her innocent slumber and stares down at the sleeping night and the angel topples from her moonlit cradle falling fast and free 'til she is caught by the ground where her eyes widen and her hand stretches up but no answers from sky can be found and none will glimpse the angel's tears none will hear her heartfelt pleas as heaven's light shines from the shimmering stars just beyond an angel's reach