Friday Poetry: "Eternity"

Hi lovelies! So unfortunately school was still on today despite the haze - no three-day weekend for us and I did have to take my tests! Oh well, at least it's Friday now - I've spent the last couple of hours wrapped in a blanket and surfing Tumblr, so that was lovely after such a stressful week. This weekend, too, I don't have much on - I'm volunteering at the local animal shelter and I have my critique group meeting both on Sunday, but other than that I'm all free! :D

This week's Friday Poetry is very, very short (I know, that's a new one - usually they go on and on, haha ;) ). As a matter of fact, it's only 10 words long! Oh, the magic of Tumblr - there are some amazing poets on there, and as a matter of fact I was just chatting with one of them and she mentioned this style of poetry and challenged me to give it a try. So here I go!

Somewhat surprisingly, this actually took a really long time for me to write - it's so difficult to craft the perfect poem in just 10 words, especially for someone who like me who generally sticks with more long, flowy pieces! Nevertheless, I actually quite like how it turned out. :)


She fell in love with the eternity in his eyes.

So what do you guys think? I just really loved the image that conjured ("eternity is his eyes", that is), so I knew I wanted to make that the main focus. :) Please do drop your comments and feedback down below - this is, of course, my first time writing this type of poem so any thoughts on it would be amazing! Oh, and let loose with your own 10-word poems if you'd like. It would be so cool to see what kind of stuff you guys can come up with. :D

love, Topaz