Friday Poetry: "First Love"

Hello, lovelies! Wrote today's poem a few days ago and I'm quite proud of it - as the title of this post suggests, the poem is called "First Love". :) Just a little warning - it might seem pretty cliche at first, but just stick with it through the end, okay? I promise it gets better. ;)

Not going to give much more background for fear of giving things away, so here it is! :D Enjoy! <3

love, Topaz

First Love

some loves are easy to leave behind to discard like autumn leaves in the wind. some loves are forgotten quickly blown away like the seeds in the dandelion – but not him. he was tall, dark, handsome, and perfect. he was the first to twirl her around and whisper sweet nothings into her innocent ear he was the first to leave gifts on her bedside table and kiss her cheek when he thought she was asleep. and so, when the others broke her heart she cried for a single moment and moved on but when her father, her first love, broke her heart he broke her soul.