Friday Poetry: "Let Yourself Fly"

Hey guys! I'm proud to say I actually sat down and edited three chapters of FH today, in spite of my alarming lack of writing over this week... so it felt really good to pick that up again. :D I'm planning on recording a song this weekend as well, but other than that I probably won't really be doing anything... just chilling out, maybe editing a couple chapters or something.

I was going to post a newspaper blackout poem I wrote today (I love doing newspaper blackout poems, they're so much fun!), but for some reason my scanner refuses to work so I can upload it... so I decided to just post this one instead. I wrote it a few weeks ago, made some edits today, andddd... I hope it suitably inspires some of you to go out and get something done that you love to do and have a really great life. Or at the very least, a really great weekend. ;)

love, Topaz

Let Yourself Fly

This is for the wandering dreamers. For the twilight bike riders who eternally run into dead ends. For the runaways who hide from the shadows they can never escape. For the forsaken children who whisper their deepest secrets into a teddy bear’s ear.

Let yourself fly.

This is for the lost souls. For the midnight meanderers who stand on mountaintops singing wishes to the stars. For the solitary girls who sit in forgotten cafes yearning for a life as sweet as as caramel latte. For the bus riders who roam through the city longing for someplace to go.

Let yourself fly.

This is for the silent sufferers. For the girls whose eyes distort their reflection more than a mirror ever could. For the children who stare out of rainy windows wishing the tears could fall. For the lonely old men who have had their hearts stolen and never returned.

Let your heart open. Let your wings grow. Let yourself fly.