Friday Poetry: "Let's File That Under T"

Happy Friday, everybody! I must admit, I was kind of half-falling asleep the whole day today. :P This week I really haven't been getting as much sleep as I should be - tests to study for + random bouts of insomnia = a tired Topaz! I'm so glad I don't have much to do this weekend so that I can sleep. :P I basically plan on spending the next two days vegging out, so I'm very much looking forward to that. (Plus I have a Skype call planned with one of my best friends who lives in Thailand... can't wait to catch up with her!)

I was talking with my mom last week after she had read the Friday Poetry, and she proclaimed that all my poems lately have been incredibly sad and depressing. At first I protested, but then I realised... yeah, actually, she's kinda right. :P Never fear, though! I actually have been writing happy poems, I just haven't been posting them for some reason... so let's remedy that with this week's Friday Poetry! :D It's called Let's File That Under T, For Things I Love About You (lengthy title, I know, but read it and you'll understand ;) ).

Don't forget to email me, if you haven't already, if you'd like to participate in the cover reveal - it's going to be a lot of fun. :D Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! xx

love, Topaz

Let's File That Under T, For Things I Love About You

hey, darling, here’s something you should know: I will never be over you.

so here we are, cruising along endless stretches of highway, a little drunk on love and a little high on so many firsts, and I’m blasting taylor swift and you keep trying to change the station, because you insist that you hate that sentimental crap

– never mind that you sing to me when you think I’m asleep, of course, and let’s file that under t for things we don’t talk about but you know I know it anyway –

and here we are, sobbing with laughter over something so trivial we won’t remember it tomorrow, except I will never forget the sound of you trying so hard to catch your breath that you start coughing and almost run the red light,

and we’re young and naïve and shackled to the idea of freedom, but right now I am serenaded by the music of you tapping your thumbs on the steering wheel, just the tiniest bit off-beat as taylor swift guides us down this highway to the stars

but darling, you know how to spell my middle name and I have memorised the angle that your head tilts when you are confused, and I could write an encyclopaedia about how it feels to accidentally-on-purpose brush against your hand on the radio knob, could write volumes about the smell of summer air and gasoline and dancing on the pier with you, my feet on yours

– but hey, darling, let’s file that under t for things we don’t talk about but somehow it’s never mattered, not when there are belly laughs and cheesy romantic songs and kissing under moonlight skies, and hey, darling –

don’t you know? I will never be over you.