Friday Poetry: "Light I"

Hey guys! We're at 49,000 words on FH - will finish up the next thousand this weekend and then we'll be at 50k!! :D Plus I wrote a song and a poem, both of which I'm way too tired to judge properly and see if they're worth posting. So here, have a poem I wrote yesterday instead. Continuing the theme from last week's Friday Poetry, this one's called Light I. I'm thinking there'll be four poems in the mini-series - exploring the different sides of darkness and light.

love, Topaz

Light I

in the deepest corners of our souls our secrets lie safe, locked away with the key that darkness hands us our blemishes lie protected, hidden away where no prying eyes can find them our scars and our imperfections are not lit up on display not strewn hastily across the floor for whispered rumors and callous hearts to rip to pieces to devour in malicious glee and there is sweet relief from the mad search for flaws the light brings