Friday Poetry: "Light II"

Hi all! I did some work on FH today - edited a chapter, but there wasn't really much to change so I'm doing one more after I post this. :) Plus I wrote a song that I really like, so keep an eye out for that as next week's song snippet :D I should really start narrowing down tracks, but I keep writing/recording more songs that I love and it's so hard to choose. :P

The last installment of the Dark & Light poetry series is today! :D Check out Light II below, and be sure to let me know what you think as usual. :) I'm not sure if I like this one all that much, so I'd love to hear your opinions on this on its own and compared to the other three poems in the series - and, of course, on the series as a whole.

Hope you enjoy the poem, and have an awesome weekend, everyone!

love, Topaz

Light II

when we were children we would ask our mothers to check under the beds for monsters and still, even when the cobwebby corners of the room were pronounced monster free we would curl up tight tight tight into balls of exhaustion and panic and force our eyes open paralyzed with the fear of what might lurk in the darkest pockets of our souls

but no one has ever been afraid of finding a monster under their beds in the bright sun kissed daylight

because in a world forever shrouded in darkness such a precious treasure such an infinite wonder to witness the innocence the release from the chains of fear the light brings