Friday Poetry: "Monopoly"

Hey everybody! It's Friday. Thank goodness.

I got halfway through editing a chapter of FH today before realizing there are some painfully gaping holes in the plot line. So I took a break to a) write this blog post and b) go back and repair said holes. I have a feeling tonight is going to be one of those nights where I stay up until 3 AM writing. It's a career hazard - I think at this point I have coffee instead of blood running through my veins. ;)

Will let y'all know how today's and the weekend's edits go on Monday! :) Until then, enjoy today's poem - Monopoly. Have a great weekend, everyone!

love, Topaz


Sometimes the only thing I want is to go back back back in time Back to when the only thing that mattered was who got the lucky wheelbarrow in Monopoly.