Friday Poetry - November 29th

Hi guys!

Posting late again - I'm sorry about that! (I really must get into the habit of writing these posts earlier in the day.) But it's been such an eventful week, and I had another lovely day today - I went to an art exhibition downtown with my friend, and afterwards we went out for lunch and spent some time shopping. I must say, though, that I am very, very glad I have nothing going on this weekend. I've had far too much human interaction in the past couple of days. I NEED MY ALONE TIME.

This week's Friday Poetry was actually what sparked Strawberries, the flash fiction piece I posted yesterday. I wrote it a couple of weeks ago but never posted it, and I was going through my poetry folder looking for something to submit to a literary magazine when I stumbled upon this one. Honestly, I'm not quite sure what about it caught my eye, but I loved the relationship dynamic between the narrator and the unnamed second person, so I decided to expand it into what eventually became Strawberries!

I decided not to share the title with you guys just yet, because a) it's long and cumbersome and doesn't fit very well into the title of this post, and b) I think it makes more of an impact when read after the poem. So I'm leaving it at the end instead!

Enjoy the poem, and have a wonderful weekend. I'll see you on Monday! x

love, Topaz

it was harder to say the words, harder to admit that I had given up worshipping the sky long ago because the stars in your eyes shone too brightly. I forgot how to look away, or maybe you forgot how to let me.

this is how I loved you: with everything. I can’t decide whether you left because my stars winked out long ago or whether I stayed behind because on some level I knew you needed a pair of wings, not another weight in your chest.

my bones are made of ashes. the taste of empty space fills my mouth. I don’t know what’s worse: wishing for you to come home or hoping you’ve already escaped.

- I'm Not Supposed to be Your Forever