Friday Poetry: "Ode to Valentine's Day"

Hey, lovelies! Well, it's Valentine's Day once more! Who's joining me in sitting at home eating ice cream and having pathetic single girls' parties? ;)

Oh yes. In the true single-girl spirit, let's watch chick flicks and celebrate our

For those of you who are single at this point in time, I do hope you aren't letting all the PDA-gooey-eyed-oh-my-god-I'll-love-you-forever-or-at-least-until-next-week couples get you down. And if it is bothering you (which I really couldn't blame you for, considering the fact that even I, the self-proclaimed hopeless romantic, am getting slightly sick and tired of them), never fear! In the true love-chocolate-roses-romance spirit, I've written a limerick (my first one!) entitled - quite aptly, I might add - Ode to Valentine's Day. It goes into great depth and detail, extolling the many virtues of this marvellous holiday. You can definitely tell how much I absolutely love today and how excited I am to be celebrating it, because I, as a highly skilled and talented writer, most definitely am not alluding to anything other than the intended message, nor am I even suggesting the idea that there may or may not be something else at play other than what I have spent the last paragraph and run-on sentence impressing upon you all.

Ahem. Anyway. Enjoy the poem. And happy Valentine's Day. ;)

love, Topaz

Ode to Valentine's Day

The big day is here once more! Bringing roses and chocolates galore, (And to those with no one Who sit at home being glum – Well, you, we’ll just conveniently ignore.)