Friday Poetry: "The Trouble with Love"

Hi guys, I've made it my mission this weekend to relaxxxxxxx. I'm not going to worry about Frozen Hearts or Falling Star or school or anything, just chill out… something I really should have done way earlier, but better late than never, right? ;) Hopefully that'll work and I can get back to Monday with an open and rested mind and body… bubble baths and Sherlock marathons, here I come!

But before that, today's Friday poetry is called The Trouble with Love. I think it kind of sums up the whole idea of love pretty well, and I'm quite proud of it, actually. :D I hope you guys enjoy both the poem and your weekend, and I'll see you all on Monday! xx

love, Topaz

The Trouble with Love

she wanted to fall in love with him more than anything in the world. the trouble was that her parachute was jammed,

and she did not know if his arms would be there to catch her.