Friday Poetry: "There Will Come a Time"

Hi guys! I tend to be writing quite a few real life-related things lately. :P Today's Friday Poetry was written a few minutes ago - I had a different poem I was going to use, but I decided on this one instead. Like last week's, this one is about a friend of mine (a different one). She's actually part of the Wordpress community, so some of you might know her, and for the past couple of weeks she's had a truckload of really bad stuff dumped on her that she doesn't deserve in the slightest. I'm not sure if she'd be comfortable with me saying her name, but those of you who do know her will agree that she's an amazing, beautiful person. I wrote this poem for her, addressing one of the said truckload of horrible things that are currently happening.

Stay strong, lovely. xx

love, Topaz

There Will Come a Time

there will come a time when he stops loving you.

when all the whispered promises are getting lost in translation when your heart is caged in and you can’t remember what the winds of freedom feel like on your skin when the dark slippery lies you tell are inching dangerously closer to naked truths when you’re getting that sneaking suspicion like all your love has been wasted on someone you never really knew

when he breathes your name into your mouth and somehow it doesn’t taste so sweet anymore when you realise I’ll never leave you doesn’t mean exactly what you thought it did when the scars you always tried to forget are standing stark on your skin and starker on your heart when his voice, once softer than a silken caress turns inexplicably to sharp, unforgiving steel

but you must remember that sometimes life falls apart so that all the dreams that you never dared to voice can fall together

and I promise one day there will come a time when you are going to find somebody who looks at you

like the existence of the entire universe could be justified by the existence of one person like your smile shines brighter than the sun and moon and stars combined like they’ve suddenly realised just exactly who all those sappy love songs are about –

I promise one day there will come a time when you are going to find somebody who makes you feel like the most beautiful person who ever crossed the earth

but until that day comes maybe it’s time to start believing it yourself.