Frozen Hearts is on Goodreads!

Hi lovelies!

Once upon a time, there was an innocent girl named Topaz who was innocently browsing Goodreads while innocently drinking a mug of hot chocolate. (Did I mention the whole situation was tinged with innocence?) It was late, late, late at night - I won't mention just exactly how late, for the sake of not tainting young minds, but let's just go with the assumption that it was really quite late - and Topaz was seriously considering going to bed.

She promised herself she'd only check out one more book and then she would sleep, because she was a responsible member of society and not one of those people who stayed up until the wee hours of the morning reading about books and drinking hot beverages. And so she clicked on a rather familiar-looking cover and waited for the page to load.

Suddenly, Topaz stopped short.

Her eyes bugged out of her head.

The hot chocolate crashed to the ground.

Her dog got up and walked out of the room, because apparently he couldn't take the suspense.

There, sitting on the screen, was the very book Topaz had been slaving away on for the past two years.

So, long story short, Topaz engaged in some emergency action which involved emailing the Goodreads staff, posting a multitude of frantic messages on her critique group's Facebook page, and generally freaking out while her dog stared disdainfully in the background. It all worked out okay, though, since she now has access to said Goodreads page and can play around with her book to her heart's content. She lived happily ever after. The end.

tl;dr: Frozen Hearts has a Goodreads page!! :D It was a long and tedious journey to get here - and I still have no idea how it was created in the first place - but it does indeed exist and you guys should totally check it out and maybe add FH to your shelves or something. Here's the link.

Also, unintended consequence: I may or may not be slightly revising the blurb. I do love the way it is now, but there have been some... ah... unexpected things, shall we say, that have been popping up in the plot lately. One of the many perks of being a self published author: I can change things as much as I want before the book is actually published. ;)

Right then, that's my story for today! Don't forget to add FH to your TBR and generally be happy that it's coming out soon. More fun writing-related tips and tools and things coming in the days ahead! :D

love, Topaz