G is for Ghost Stories

Hey all! Today's A to Z challenge post is centred around a newly arisen love of mine: ghost stories, or really anything to do with thrillers, mysteries, and horror! As a kid I was never really into these kinds of scary stories - I got seriously freaked out because I used to read them under the covers in the middle of the night (or, you know, what counts as "the middle of the night" when you're six - that is, around 9:30 PM). ;) So unfortunately, after that I pretty much stopped reading ghost stories altogether. :P

However, the good news is I've kind of rekindled my love for the creepy, spine-tingling feeling one gets when reading stories like these (mostly because of the television show Supernatural - I started watching it a few months ago and some of the episodes are ridiculously terrifying...). Horror is a subject I never really imagined I'd be that interested in, but I have to eat my words now - I'm getting back into it, and it's quite refreshing to be reading books from a new genre. I don't know, maybe I'll even start writing some ghost stories and sharing them with you guys! ;)

So to all you horror fanatics, what are your favourite ghost stories? Any good books I should check out? What got you into horror in the first place? (Or are you like me, and you were been absolutely petrified of it as a kid?) Let me know in the comments!

Oh, and to those of you who are slightly leery of this genre, I'd strongly advise you to check these stories out. They're very short, extremely horrifying, and absolutely amazing - the fourth one is my favourite.

(Also, I'm truly sorry if you can't get to sleep tonight. ;) )

love, Topaz