Gravity's Kiss

Hey all! Not feeling so great today - I think I must have come down with an infection or something. My throat feels like sandpaper and my head is aching like crazy. Sorry if I don't get a chance to post much over the next few days - if I don't you'll know I'm bedridden and not able to get on the computer. :P

Anyway, for today we have a poem - quite a short one. I'm in love with stars and clouds and rain and pretty much anything to do with the sky in general, so many of my metaphors are centered around that theme... and this one is no different.

What do you think? If you have any ideas for a title, please let me know - I hate to leave anything I write untitled. It's a pet peeve of mine!

love, Topaz


falling in love is what happens when the sky cradles you for so long that you forget what gravity's kiss feels like and it hurts that much more when you hit the ground.